Wu-Tang Clan Gets Their Own NYC District

Wu-Tang Clan officially has a New York City district named after them.

Lawmakers in the city, according to the Staten Island Advance, officially named the streets of Park Hill as the Wu-Tang Clan District.

Park Hill is a neighborhood on Staten Island, where some members of the Wu-Tang Clan are originally from.

The ceremony took place on Saturday, with appearances from local lawmakers, Raekwon, and other Wu-Tang clan members.

Rza on Making Movies, His Final Solo Album, and the Wu-Tang Reunion Album

Last week, I came across a video of an interview Montreality did with The Rza. It was real deep.

The interview went everywhere: from him making his 1st paycheck as a kid, to plans of releasing his “Bobby Digital” movie this fall. Rza touched up on plans for a Wu-Tang reunion album. Here’s what he said,

“When we all got together for ‘Rock the Bells’, we were able to record a track together, called ‘Family Reunion’…and to me, it’s time for a family reunion. Not only of just us as The Wu-Tang Clan, but all of our fans and everyone around the world. Don’t forget your family, yo.”

Check out the video above, and let me know what you think. Don’t forget to check out Montreality at their website or their Youtube page.

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