Bledjon Is An Artist You Should Follow

As I’m checking out CMJ’s top artists, my eyes always pop up when the artist charting are self-released. Just goes to show which artist is hustling the most. Last month I talked about Jonny October. This month, I want to introduce you to Bledjon.

Representing California, Bledjon was born to parents who were musicians themselves. His mother played and taught piano, while his father played the trumpet and guitar. His love for music began when he first listened to “Billie Jean” at the record store. He got the name Bledjon when his uncle first came with the name “Bludgeon”. 

After checking out his website, and listening to his latest album, I’m going to give you three reasons to follow Bledjon.

his varied tempo leaves you guessing with each track

Nothing is predictable when you listen to The Popular Loner. “Fievel”, which is a nice throwback tribute if you remember the cartoon movie, has got a nice head-bobbing beat and a chill flow to it. The next track, “Letter Men”, picks up the tempo and gets you hyped. It’s like one track is chill-out music, while “Letter Men” is a track you can lift weights to.

The slow tempo in his tracks helps you focus and appreciate each word

If it weren’t for the slow-tempo beat in “Fievel”, I probably wouldn’t have recognized the reference to the 80’s cartoon. “Doughnuts” has got the same tempo as well, and the lyrics stick to you.

His recent album was a concept album inspired by real life

Speaking of “Doughnuts”, there’s a part of the song where he really opens up about his life and struggles:

Homie, I gotta eat and get this bread a lot of wheat /
My wage don’t really pay need to raise a lot of yeast /
Feast on apple fritters and maple bars for dinner /
At least Snapple and old fashioned as I ration through the winter /

Storytelling hip hop is always good hip hop to me. Which I think you should follow Bledjon. You can get his latest album on most platforms. Learn more about him at his website.