The Roots “Do You Want More!?” Turns 23

Happy birthday, “Do You Want More?!”. You are officially 21 today.

The album The Roots made in 1995 brought you great hits like “Mellow My Man”, “Silent Treatment” and the classic “Proceed”.

What was your favorite track from this album?

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2chainz on Jimmy Fallon

The first seconds of this video got me interested when I saw The Roots and Black Thought performing with 2chainz. I thought this could be a huge opportunity, for 2chainz, to reach out to the progressive hip hop heads. With Black Thought on the mic with 2chainz, i was like “I’m listening”.

It’s started off with “No Lie”. I heard the song before, and i thought the performance was gonna be “all band”. It was disappointing when the dj turned the beat up in the background. You could barely hear Questlove’s drums, or even the band as a whole. In fact, i couldn’t even tell whether or not the Horn player played at all. It looked like he was going back and forth.

On to Black Thought. The tough part of watching “No Lie” was seeing Black Thought compete with Drake’s vocals, that were playing in the background. You would’ve thought they played an all-instrumental track for “No Lie”. Black Thought did a good job though, solid “A” for effort.

Spend it” was much better. This is where the band kicked in. Keyboard was playing, Quest was jamming on the drums, and the horn was playing. If 2chainz brings a band with him, when he’s touring, he will score mad points from me. He was on point with the band, and you can tell the performance was well-rehearsed.

Overall, 2chainz redeemed himself with “Spend It”. He’s off to a good start promoting his new album. I’m curious to find out if he’ll take a band with him on tour. If so, i’m willing to spend a few dollars on that show.

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