On this day: 2pac Drops ‘Dear Mama’ in 1995

On this day in 1995, 2pac released “Dear Mama”. It was his first single off his most critically acclaimed album Me Against the World.

“Dear Mama” was one of 2pac’s crossover hits, peaking number nine on “Billboard top 100” and number one on the “Billboard Hot Rap Singles”. Produced by Tony Pizaro, the single is a tribute to 2pac’s mom, Afeni, who raised him through poverty and her crack addiction. 2pac professes his love for his mom, despite the bad times.

It’s one of the few rap songs that you could play during Mother’s Day.

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Tupac’s Having a Bad Month, Hasn’t He?


How many times does Tupac have to roll over his grave, until people start giving him the respect he deserves.

The rapper has not been having a good month, and he’s not even alive. He’s just been at the wrong end of things lately.

It all started with Billboard Magazine, when they gave out a list of the top 10 hip hop artists of all time. In case you haven’t seen it, observe at your own peril,

billboard hip hop

I’m sorry that your eyes are bleeding. Mine were too after reading this travesty of a list. It doesn’t stop there, though. Apparently there is a biopic, made in China, and the trailer is absolutely unbearable. I know China’s not good at making movies, but this is JUST WRONG. Again observe at your own peril

I think watching that video would even piss off Hologram Tupac.

2pac Tupac

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