Small Professor is a MUST Follow

It’s been almost four years since Sean Price’s untimely passing. Many have paid tribute to the late rapper in many ways. And when artists pass away, someone usually releases a posthumous album that compiles some unreleased tracks. Before Sean died, Small Professor worked with him on some tracks and released them as an album earlier this year called 86 Witness.

Small Producer is from Philadelphia, and originally was known as MC Esther. In 2004, he tried to write a whole album but it just wasn’t cutting it for him. So he went ahead and made beats instead. It was at that point he was known as Small Professor. Let me give you three reasons to follow him.

His name alone shows love to the old school

After deciding to quit rapping (known as MC Escher, he decided to focus on beat-making. He called himself Small Professor, because of his love for Large Professor and his album “Breaking  Atoms”.

His beat making brings the old and new school together

Small Pro brings everyone together. His beats are a mix of Boom Bap and the Southern beats you hear of today. Both generations will like ’86 Witness as a collaboration album with the late Sean Price. Small Professor really brought out the best of P given how little he had to work with this posthumous album. Small Pro brings out the best of P, making his voice as grimey as we’ve known him to be.

His beats have its unique character, separating itself from other beats

If you listen to “Bear Witness”, the first track off ’86 Witness, it sets off the album with a bold positive beat. He’s got Price going off strong. “Word to Mother” is great with its beat changeup and scratch routine. The track not only includes P’s lyricism, but appearances by DJ revolution and Illa Ghee. 

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