Sene – Brooklynknight Track analysis

Sene came out with a new album today, so i thought i’d give this artist, i discovered, a listen.

“The feel real” – the track of which I 1st heard this album. Song is very organic, very chill. Keeps listeners in heavy suspense by delaying the drum beat.

“Brooklynknight” – I feel like I’m listening to Quasimodo. This is awesome!! Funky ending.

“Spoiled rotten apples” – this track didn’t wow me like the first 2, but it’s something that will keep you in the zone 2 whatever your doing. This is work/study music and damn good too.

“Backboards” – there’s a story to this song, backboards Sfx in the background.

“Footprints” – my favorite beats of the album , so far.

“Time”- I’m starting to believe dillas ghost is in sene’s body

“Cult classic” – I’m bouncin to this song. If by midway into the album I’m bouncing my head. Then the albums a success.

Sene Brooklynknight

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