Ren Thomas

The 2×2 Hip Hop Festival has got to be one of the best kept secrets in Ohio. It’s in it’s fourth year, and I’m finally gonna make the trip up I-71 to check it out. For those who remember Scribble Jam, imagine this being its reincarnation. There’s grafitti, b-boy/girl contests, and freestyle battle competitions. It’s also an all-day concert featuring artists like Skyzoo, Prof, and Blueprint. If there’s anyone I’m looking forward to see it’s probably Ren Thomas.

Ren Thomas

Good question. Ren Thomas, formerly Renegade, is an MC from New Jersey writing rapping bars since he was 10. He’s been on numerous MC battle contests, was a semi finalist in Ludicris’s Magnum Live Large and won the TeamBackPack Cypher Championship in 2016.He recently released “Who the F*&k is Ren Thomas?” in 2015. Here’s why you need to make the trip to Columbus to see him.

His flows over boom bap beats take you back to the 90’s hip hop sound we all miss

If you’re exposed to commercial hip hop in some way, whether online, at shows, or on the radio, listening to Ren will take you back to ’94. If you check out this Bar Fight video, below, Ren’s flow stands out above everything.

His lyrics are creative as hell

If you have good flow, then it leads to spitting creative lyrics. Ren’s flows will leave you hanging onto every bar he spits. Listened to his appearance on “Sway in the Morning” and was blown away when I heard he’ll “german suplex your daughter though a wedding cake”.

Brings nothing but pure energy and aggression

This is the foundation to the total package of a great MC. Go through Youtube and check everything out. Especially check out his single with pete rock.

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