Nipsey Hussle is Someone I Wish I followed More

Another sad death has hit the Hip Hop community. Senseless shooting toward a young rapper who’s life was cut short at just 33 years old. On Sunday, Nipsey Hussle was shot multiple times in front of his store in Los Angeles. I’ve been looking through social media, and have noticed tons of tributes and thoughts about the fallen rapper. The more I’ve read about him, really makes me regret not paying attention to his work. Here’s three reasons why you should follow the work Nipsey did.

was very smart and up on everything like politics and news

He stayed up on everything. During the ’16 election, he collaborated with YG on a single called FDT (*uck Donald Trump). Shawn Setaro, host of the Cipher, mentioned on Twitter that Nipsey talked about fiat currency, artificial scarcity, and Sanrio’s business model. 

he shared his accomplishment he built from the ground up

When he talked with Setaro, he mentioned that he wanted to put his money into a STEM school for children in his community. He mentioned in another interview that he wanted to invest his money into real estate, while other rappers were putting their money into jewelry. His store, The Marathon Clothing, was the anchor. It was the seed that led to reinvesting into bigger and better things for his community.

He was a role model for children

People took notice of what he did. Politicians said he had a vision for the children in his community. He poured positivity onto the streets, that children took notice of. 

RIP Nipsey

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