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A Group You Should Follow: Brett Gretzky

A Group You Should Follow: Brett Gretzky

I was once again scrolling through Twitter, looking for artists on the CMJ hip hop chart. I came across Brett Gretzky, who’s currently #11 on the charts. After I heard this group, the first thing came to my mind was why the hell do these guys not have more followers on their Twitter??

If you’re REALLY looking for a fresh hip hop sound, you’ve never heard before, you need to look no further. I went to their Bandcamp page, and started off with their warm-up track, “Wayne Hull”. Then came “The Shakedown” which I was geeking out to Metroid, Star Fox, and Will Smith references in their lyrics. “Shakedown” is a head-banger with heavy drum beats in its production.

My favorite track on the album is “Baggage”. It’s a trippy track, with heavy record-scratching at the end and left me in a real good vibe. It seems like these days you don’t hear much record-scratching in hip-hop. I mean come on, isn’t DJ-ing one the 4 elements of hip-hop?

To sum it up: if Atmosphere and El-P had a baby, its name would be Brett Gretzky. Their sound is progressive, the rhymes are witty and sometimes hilarious, and they got a name you can remember.

Check out the album, and let me know what you think. While you do that, give these guys some love, on Twitter, and follow their account!

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