This Day in Hip Hop: Nas Releases Illmatic

It ain’t hard to tell, I excel then prevail.
The mic I contacted I attracted clientele.

It was 22 years ago today, that Nas released an album that still stands the test of time today. If you ask any Hip Hop fan what their favorite album is, one of them would say Illmatic. The flow, rhymes, and production of this album creates the most ideal sound that many artists tried to follow. Can you even imagine being Nas, trying to make a new album with the expectations of outdoing Illmatic? It not an easy task, I imagine, but Nas has done it.

So many hits have come from this album: The World is Yours, One Love, Halftime, and It ain’t hard to tell. Remember the music video from that track? Check it out above.

What was your favorite Illmatic track?

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