On this day: Method Man and Redman Release: “Da Rockwilder”

On this day in 2000, Method Man and Redman released “Da Rockwilder”. It’s a single that’s STILL BANGING to this day. This single, produced by Erick Sermon, was on the duo’s debut album Blackout!. Rolling Stone gave the album a four out of five, calling it “…a tight-as-drum album in an era of half-assed efforts”. […]

Run DMC’s “King of Rock” Turns 35 Today

Happy birthday, “King of Rock”. You are officially 31 today, and still deemed a classic album to this day. The album Run DMC produced in 1985 brought you great hits like “Can You Rock It Like This”, “Jam Master Jammin”, and of course “King Of Rock”. I still know the lyrics to this day: I’m […]

This Day in Hip Hop: Paul’s Boutique certified 2x platinum in 1999

In 1989, Ad-Rock, MCA, and Mike D released their second studio album, entitled Paul’s Boutique. Record executives deemed this record as a failure, and they even stopped promoting it because the sales didn’t match the previous album. The Beastie Boys, however got the last laugh when it was announced in ’99 that the album went […]

Young RJ is an artist you should follow!

As time goes by, we all get caught up with things that keep us busy. Whether it be Work, School, or your family, we sometimes lose track of movies, tv shows, or music (music especially for me). Thanks to social media, you sometimes are able to keep tabs on what’s going on. When I was […]

This day in Hip Hop: The Game Releases “The Documentary”

It was 11 years ago to this day that The Game released this much-anticipated album. He signed on to Aftermath, Dr. Dre’s label. After Dre paving the way for talent like Snoop and Eminem, The Game had a lot of expectations to live up to. The Documentary was a joint venture between Dr. Dre and […]