TK The Architect is an Artist You Need to Follow

When I was looking at the CMJ Hip Hop Charts, I look at the artists with albums that are self-released. This time I took a look at TK The Architect. WOW! Glad I found this diamond in the rough.

Before I give you three reasons to follow TK, here’s a little background. He’s hailing from Long Island, New York. He’s recorded a few mixtapes. His last album, Life in Stereo, was comprised of a sound that all hip hop heads will enjoy. When I heard that, plus his new album Blue Season, I had to write this post up.

1. TK’s band including funk and R&B riffs creates perfect harmony with the lyrics in his songs.

This especially rings true with “Water” and “Current Passing”, which include soulful lyrics and quick guitar riffs.

“Result of the Fire” gets you real hyped for the album, as it’s the first song. The guitar riffs and the drums leave you bobbin your head.

If you listen to TK’s newest album, Blue Season, you get to hear interludes of The Get Up Kids (TK’s performing band in the album) perform alone. You get to hear them perform alone in addition to with TK. “O.G.O.G.O.G.” my favorite interlude. The beginning of it reminds me of a Pete Rock instrumental. They both create a perfect partnership with their musical talents.

2. It takes true effort and skill to rap under a band performing

If you’re a rapper, you’re pretty much just working with a producer that sets up beats for your songs and that’s it. There’s no hate to that, but TK really grinded with Blue Season. According to Ghettoblaster, he wrote all the lyrics and the band would record what he wrote.

3. He’s not just a rapper, he’s a true artist

TK is very open-minded, which shows in Blue Season. The album is a melting pot of R&B, Hip Hop, Funk, and some rock.

If you’re looking for something unconventional, and doesn’t fit the cookie cutter music you hear today, you need to download TK’s Blue Season. I just downloaded it on Bandcamp, and proud to say it was the first time I downloaded an album from that site.

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