Gifted Gab is an Artist you Need to Follow!

Gifted Gab

I was looking at the CMJ charts, this week, and I noticed the artist named Gifted Gab. Now being a Blackalicious fan, I’m thinking someone’s biting off of Gift of Gab’s name. That is certainly not the case.

Gifted Gab is another gem coming from Seattle’s hip hop scene. She’s been writing raps since she was nine, and was influenced by East Coast MC’s like Queen Latifah and MC Lyte. After hearing that, and listening to her music, I have three reasons you should be following Gifted Gab.

1. Gifted Gab is a true fan of the Old School

On her cover album, Gab the Most High, there’s a picture of her wearing a Nefertiti hat. The second I saw that immediately reminded me of Queen Latifah wearing the same hat on TV and her music videos.

Her music label is called Moor Gang records. If you look at the label logo on her album, you’ll notice it’s similar to Public Enemy’s logo.

To top it off, you’ll need to listen to “4/20 (Gettin’ Smokay)”, where she samples Foster Sylvers “Misdemeanor”. Of course everyone remembers when DOC sampled it.

2. She’s been recognized by Time, XXL, and VH-1 as a rapper on the rise

She’s not just known around the Seattle area, where she lives, her work is under some major microscopes around the country. You can also add Complex magazine to that list.

She’s also been on stage with some big artists. She’s opened for acts like Dj Quik, Rakim, Cam’ron, and Slick Rick.

3. Every song on Gab the Most High will be stuck in your head….and you’ll be happy with that

It starts with the head-banging beats, like “Trouble”. This is WELL-PRODUCED, and children of the 90’s will love it! The beats are very organic.

The hooks are catchy! Check out “Lady of Leisure”, “Trouble”, and “Gettin’ Smokay”. You’ll see what I mean.

Finally, and most important, you can follow along to the lyrics. Are you paying attention Future, Desiigner??

If you’re down with organic, progressive, hip-hop that pays tribute to the old school, Gifted Gab is your pick. Take a listen to Gab the Most High. You’ll be glad you did.

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