Markis Precise is a Producer You Need to Get Behind

As I continue to look at the top 50 albums of 2015, I come across Markis Precise at the midpoint. After listening to his last release, “The Feeling of Flying”, I would put him under my list of people to get behind.

Markis is a little different from the people I’ve reviewed, because he is just a music producer. He’s also a keyboardist that creates boom bap beats, with the melodic rhythms he’s found from digging in the crates.

Markis is why I love Cali underground Hip Hop so much. The beats he produces are very organic. On The Feeling of Flying, he’s got guest appearances by Fashawn, Gift of Gab, Zion I, and the Grouch. The beats work in perfect harmony with the roster of artists he has lined up on this album.

Check out the track with Gift of Gab, called “Leaving the Hood”. Let me know what you think.

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