Kuf Knotz Is an Artist You NEED to Get Behind

I’ve been finding some hidden gems inside the top 50 CMJ Hip Hop albums of 2015. As I keep scrolling the list, I try to find artists/groups that I’ve never heard of. When I reached 29 on the charts, I ran into Kuf Knotz. Last year, he released A Positive Light.

Kuf Knotz is Philly and Brooklyn-based. While that may give you the conclusion that he has an east coast sound to his music, he doesn’t. He delivers a very unique universal sound, which is why I think he’s an artist worth getting behind.

When listening to his recent album, A Positive Light, you couldn’t fit his sound into a certain category. His beats are very universal, and you could categorize in many ways. You could hear a touch of “house” when you hear “Movement”. Before that you can hear some east coast boom bap with “A Positive Light”. You won’t hear the same thing when you listen to to this album.

The best part of A Positive Light is the lyrics. This needs to be my #motivationmonday soundtrack, because this is what this album will do for you. The track listing speaks for itself.

Check out “Get Free” and let me know what you think. Buy this album. You’ll be glad you did.

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