Robert Carvalho: “All The Things You Know to Be True?”

I wanna take a break from Hip-Hop to put a little spotlight on some music I discovered. You already know i’m a huge Hip-Hop head, but I like to keep an open mind. Last weekend, I got a tweet from Robert Carvalho. He’s an R&B/Soul singer from England, and he gave me the link to […]

Omega X D Proves That Hip Hop is Universal

Music can break down the boundaries between the countries we live in, and Omega X D proves that. Earlier this week, I got a tweet from the Nigerian Rapper (I believe he’s from there from looking at his reverb nation page), wanting to share his music with me. First of all, it’s really cool to […]

Music Video for Rabbi Darkside’s “See Something, Say Something”

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Homeboy Sandman – “Give You the World”

I’ll say this now: This blog will tilt positively to any artists associated with Stones Throw, Rhymesayers, Definitive Jux, and a couple others. It’s just that I never listened to a track, from these labels, that I didn’t like. Same thing goes for Homeboy Sandman. After Stones Throw tweeted this track, it struck my curiosity. […]

Rza on Making Movies, His Final Solo Album, and the Wu-Tang Reunion Album

Last week, I came across a video of an interview Montreality did with The Rza. It was real deep. The interview went everywhere: from him making his 1st paycheck as a kid, to plans of releasing his “Bobby Digital” movie this fall. Rza touched up on plans for a Wu-Tang reunion album. Here’s what he […]