Aesop Rock Cancels SF Gig Due To Robbery

aesop rock

Sucks that this happened. Aesop Rock is on tour, and was supposed to perform tonight at the Fillmore in San Fransisco. That came to a halt due to some jerk off that stole his equipment.

VIA @aesoprockwins : SF- Fillmore show is CANCELLED. Our van was broken into. Gear stolen. Laptops, hard drives, etc. We are trying to reschedule ASAP.

What will happen to his other tour dates is unsure. I don’t know how he’s gonna get his stuff, hopefully it’ll be found. I will say this, I’m now motivated to buy his new album, “Skelethon“. Heard two tracks off this album, and i’m already sold. If you haven’t heard any of his tracks yet, check out “Zero Dark Thirty”.

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