Play this, skip that: ‘reports from the field’

skip that: “Get away” – some times repeating a hook can be too much. This is one of those tracks. Add that with the beat that didn’t grab me. “nation time” – flow is slow enough to make this track out of place in this album. play this: “Standing on ten”- great flow, great production […]

Favorite Tracks Sampled By Past Songs

This week, Danny D and I recorded another podcast, this time talking about our favorite tracks that were sampled. Danny D is a big fan of this category and he went real deep in his selection. Me on the other hand, i went with the obvious choices because the tracks were unbeatable in my opinion. […]

I Self Devine’s ‘Reports From The Field: In The Trenches’

I’m going to be reviewing this album I downloaded this week. This is just a free download e.p. I found. I spun a few of his tracks back in the day at my college show. I thought i’d get reacquainted with I Self Devine. Listen to the tracks yourself, and let me know what you […]