Cardi B Set to Make Acting Debut

Cardi B is heading back to work at the strip club again, except this time it’s on the big screen.

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper will be starring alongside Jennifer Lopez, Keke Palmer, and Julia Styles in a movie called Hustlers. It’s a movie about a group of former strippers set to get revenge on some of their wealthy clients by running up their credit cards. 

This will be Cardi B’s first movie. Hustlers is set to begin filming on March 22nd.

Clear Soul Forces is a MUST FOLLOW

Can you think of a rap or hip hop group that stands out currently? There have been many notables in the past: Wu-Tang Clan, Odd Future, Hot Boy$, but I haven’t heard a GROUP lately have you? Clear Soul Forces is about to fill in that void.

If you like that Detroit, boom-bap, Dilla sound, then you’ll dig the “Voltron” that is Clear Soul Forces. E-Fav, Ilajide, L.A.Z. and Noveliss are back together for another album release. I’ve got three reasons you should follow these guys.

  1. They’re a hip-hop GROUP which is a rare find these days

Money is tight these days, and having to split the little cash given between all the members and behind the scenes people is tough. It’s not exactly an ideal situation for any artist. I think what makes this group special is their motivation to form together in making a sound that stands above the rest. 

2.  This group is just as strong individually as a group 

Look up each member individually, and you’ll be impressed by the work they do solo. Take Noveliss for example. If you listen to “Brand New” and “5 AM in Shibuya” you’ll be impressed. I guess that’s what happens when you hang around people like Mega Ran and Royce Da 5’9”.

E-Fav REALLY believes in hip-hop, and why not? If you watch this video, he’s trying to bring it back in the truest sound. 

While most of the members usually rap backpack-style, Ilajide can switch it up a bit. If you go to his Instagram, you can see a video where he’s rappin west-coast style.

L.A.Z was raised right. You could tell when he can drop his like this. It makes sense when your mom is a big hip-hop head and your stepdad was a DJ.

3. This group has Royce Da 5’9” seal of approval

What more can you say, about this group, when after recording Royce goes “You know what? You guys should form a group.”

Nuff Said

Check out their new album Still. I’ve been listening to them non-stop on Apple Music.

De La Soul Fighting to Get Their Fair Share of Streaming Revenue

De La Soul is fighting for their fair share of sales from its album catalogue.

As the catalogue goes to streaming platforms, the group altogether will see 10% of the revenue. Tommy Boy Records will reportedly receive 90% of it. 

Some streaming websites, like Tidal, are pushing back, saying they will not put their music on their platform until the issue is resolved. 

De La Soul’s catalog with Tommy Boy Records goes all the way back to 1989, when they released 3 Feet High and Rising.

Breakdancing in the Olympics?

Could an element of Hip Hop be an olympic sport? It might just happen in 2024.

Paris’s local organizing committee submitted a list of sports to add to the four year event, which included breakdancing. Breakdancing, or b-boying, is acrobatic street dance done while Hip Hop is played in the background.

The International Olympic Committee needs to approve the list before it becomes a reality. If approved, it will debut when the games come to Paris in 2024.

Big L Remembered on Twitter 20 yrs. Since Death

Twenty years ago today, Harlem lost one of its well-known hip hop artists.

Lamont Coleman, aka Big L, was becoming one of the top lyrical rappers in the game. He became a big staple in the genre with his lyrical skill and his involvement with pioneering genres like Horrorcore.

On this day, he was shot on 45 West 139th street in Harlem. He was shot nine times in the face and chest.

Twitterheads took the time today to lay tribute to the fallen rappers. DJ Premier had this to say:

@Samesosa7 stood next to a painted mural of him to pay tribute to him today.

Finally, @Elliottwilson of Tidal curated a playlist on the service to pay tribute.

Got any tweets to Big L? Mention me at @djchizzad, and I’ll post them up here.

21 Savage: ICE arrest was ‘premeditated’

21 Savage claims that the Immigration Customs Enforcement purposefully targeted him and arrested him.

In his first TV interview since being released from jail, the rapper explained to ABC news that his arrest was planned due to his immigration status. He talked about how he was surrounded by helicopters, and multiple agents.

Savage was originally born in Britain, but grew up in Atlanta. His visa expired in 2006.

This day in Hip Hop: Digable Planets Debut First Album

Just sendin’ chunky rhythms right down ya block

We be to rap what key be to lock

But I’m cool like dat

I’m cool, I’m cool

“Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)”

It was 26 years ago today that this group released this album with a single that exploded on the billboard charts, put them on MTV’s heavy rotation, and brought Jazzy instrumentals to the mainstream. If you mention Digible Planets to any kid of the 90’s, they’ll bust out Cool Like Dat.

The only hit from this album was “Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)”, as it broke into the top into the Billboard top 15. Did you ever buy this album? What was your favorite tracks? 

Twitter Pays Tribute to J Dilla

Yesterday, February 7th, was a special day for hip hop fans worldwide because that’s the birthday of notable producer James Yancey. Some of you know him as J Dilla. If you followed his work, you know he produced cuts for many artists such as De La Soul, Slum Village, and A Tribe Called Quest. 

A lot of artists and hip hop heads shared their thoughts about the producer, leaving touching tributes on their accounts. 

These were great gifs of J Dilla, both posted by @madeinmanchester 

Notable celebs, said some words like DJ Premier did. Erykah Badu

Sometimes words and a great photo of J Dilla is more than enough, posted by @IStillLoveHER

PETA aren’t fans of Big Boi right now

When Big Boi performed at the Super Bowl halftime show, last Sunday, not too many people impressed….especially PETA.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wrote a scathing tweet to Big Boi, criticizing the fur coat he was wearing during his performance.

Big Boi performed some of his hits like “The Way You Move”. He performed last Sunday at the Super Bowl with Maroon 5 and Travis Scott.

Kool G Rap’s DJ Needs Your Help

Kool G Rap’s DJ needs your help after his family experienced a house fire.

According to the Go Fund me page, DJ Polo’s family went through a three alarm fire at their home on 100th street in Queens NY. The fire started in her mother’s kitchen, and had spread throughout the house.

Donations are still being accepted. So far about $4,500 has been raised.

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